• Kwakiutl Family Portrait #3

Kwakiutl Family Portrait #3

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  • 22 x 20 Inches
    Silkscreen on Stonehenge rag paper

    Edition size: 195

    This print depicts the family in a set of four faces; the composition inspired by Northwest coast bentwood box designs. Each viewer will interpret something different depending on their familial experience and structure. For me, it represents my twins, Jamie and Ellen in the corners, Edwin, my oldest in the middle with me above, with hands outstretched holding the children.

    It is a celebration of the strength, resiliency and love of a family. It is also a tribute to the people who supported my family through a challenging times. Coming from a family of Kwagiutl artists, it is one of our traditions to record and portray our history and genealogy within the tradition of our art.

In addition to traditional Kwakiutl designs, David has created Contemporary Indigenous prints that represent the issues and history of our time. He believes that Northwest Native American traditional art is a foundation to build upon, not a boundary to restrain creativity..

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